Sustainability, A Conversation with Rossella Ravagli, Corporate Social Responsibility International Expert

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An insight conversation with sustainability expert, Rossella Ravagli, about her career in Luxury, commitments and real changes inside the Fashion Industry and ways to build a better future.
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Sustainability advocate, passionate and driven by purpose could very well define the character and personality of Rossella Ravagli. She is an executive trailblazer and change maker working in the field 24 years ago. 

After earning a degree in Statistical and Economic Sciences from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in quality, she started her career in consulting services. In 1996 she became CSR manager for different types of companies and sectors, auditing, training and dealing with certifications at worldwide level business. 

From 2008 to 2020 she was “Head of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility” at fashion luxury brand Gucci, owned by Kering Group, where she created the CSR department, defined, developed and implemented the sustainability strategy and all the projects and targets related. 

She led the company to achieve internationally recognized leadership on sustainability, besides increasing the culture and raising awareness around the topic globally. Builder of relationships with key global stakeholders and Chair of Sustainability Committees, she’s been a member of the Board since 2009. 

She was co-author of The Evolution of CSR in Gucci: From Risk Management to Stakeholder Engagement, almost a decade ago. Their views remain current and necessary to build the future for a more ethical fashion

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