Digital Fashion Designer: 3D Disruption in Fashion and the Design of the Future

Fernando Aguileta de la Garza Digital Fashion 3D design ELLE education Business
3D Fashion and virtual models have improved the design workflow, setting a new standard for fashion design creation, a way faster and more practical approach for the fashion system of tomorrow.
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Topic3D Design / Fashion Design / Digital Fashion

Digital fashion design and 2D-3D creation tools are growing rapidly through fashion companies and designers who are willing to reduce their environmental impact, and to make fashion design a more straightforward process.  

Creating digital fashion designs in virtual software platforms is, indeed, the first step of what we call the fashion digitization, and not only creating digital content for fashion presentations in social media with real garments. 

The aim of 3D digital clothing development in fashion is to eliminate unnecessary physical sampling and waste generated by pattern cutting or fittings. Shortening production and lead times are some of the benefits of virtual garments, also correcting design inaccuracies on the go. 

Moreover, there is a deep changing perspective in how we conceive fashion, and how the fashion industry can serve itself from technology for  cleaner business practices. Doing things, the same way every time, cannot lead to different outcomes. 


The hybrid approach in fashion started more than a decade ago with using rare and innovative techniques such as 3D printing and digital prints, at the time there were also full research in engineering teams for developing intelligent textiles;using technology as a tool for creating unexpected results, testing and analysing all construction possibilities.

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