Copenhagen Fashion Week: What Is Behind the Danish Strategy for Boosting Sustainable Development?

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Copenhagen Fashion Week, a must-attend event for fashion insiders, positions itself as a pioneering platform in sustainability and leadership, with clear ideas about how the fashion week of the future should be.
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“In order to be memorable, you have to be different”, as simple and classic as that has been the mantra for the danish fashion organisation, Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW), home of a cluster of cult-referential nordic brands.

Last year, it took the lead in sustainability efforts creating a three-year plan aligned with The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations, integrating tangible objective and commitments around the fashion event and exhibiting brands. 

Inside the strategy it highlights the reinvention of traditional fashion events, and the innovation inside the core business model. The organisation aspires to lead by example in responsible business practices inside the fashion industry, motivating fashion brands to get into clear actions regarding environmental issues and their impact in order to start changing the system. 

“I therefore believe they hold tremendous potential to drive change and, if we dare to be bold, we can change how business is done. We can move from being a source of inspiration and a conversation starter to a facilitator of action.” Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The main objectives for the plan and its positive implementation are, on one hand, in the event, settling goals to reduce and innovate, on the other hand, the industry, creating guidelines and requirements for a progressive transition to sustainable business operations.   

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